Tuesday, 13 October 2009

5 things I love

I got this idea from the amazing Betsey from the Una Bella Vita-weblog.
Every week she post this list with 10 things she loves, and that's truly inspiring!
So, this is my list for this week.
Enjoy! :)

1. Black Tights

Pair black tights with everything you own. They’re a sleek finishing touch, and they keep even a combo of girly layers, polka dots and lace trim from looking too cupcake-ish.

© by Glamour

2. Vivaldi - The Four Seasons
I know it sounds boring,
but Vivaldi just reminds me of Autumn.
Not only the actual Autumn piece, but all four.
Plus, it works perfect for studying.
I'm so often distracted, and classical music helps me focus.

I loved them both in Girl Shy (1924),
and now again in The Freshman.
Jobyna Ralston is also one of my favorite actresses.
Just for her hair, and her facial expressions.
And I think Harold Lloyd is so sweet.
Just adorable.

4. Headbands
5. Sweet Dreams by Kirsten Lepore
Just watch this.

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