Thursday, 22 October 2009

From a student

Right now I'm studying in the University Library.
It's so crowded (but yet silenced!) 'cause the exams start next week...
Hibbeler (statics&dynamics), Stewart (calculus; math obviously), Coole (Mechanical engineering), they're all around me.

I just wrote down how you can find a numerical sollution to a nonlinear differential equation.
I'm so into mathematics right now.
The fact is, I study Industrial Design Engineering,
and besides drawing, brainstorming, coming up with brilliant ideas and other stuff
we're suppose to know math, dynamics, statistics & materials science.

I really like studying in the library though :)
Since everyone is studying, you're not so often distracted
and you won't go clean your house, make coffee or do other 'actually not so important' stuff.
I even feel guilty writing on my blog right now haha!
And last but not least, there are a lot of handsome guys.

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