Wednesday, 4 November 2009

5 Things...

...I found online, that made my day a little brighter!

1. Today, I saw this handsome, tall guy standing
just in front of my house.
And, when I came outside, it started to rain.
He looked up at the sky, and just smiled..!
Gee, I just melted right away.
2. Chanel purses. Chanel always makes me happy.
Especially when it's pink.
3. This unbelievable sweet mouse.
Just found browsing through WeHeartIt.

4. Gemma Ward.
I got this kind of girl-crush when I first saw this picture, and I still like it.
[I believe it was in a Canadian Vogue of 2008, but I could be wrong...]
She looks so young, innocent and cute :)

5. Ed Westwick, obviously.
Isn't he just gorgeous in this shot?

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