Thursday, 5 November 2009

Party all night & sleep all day

Guess what,
I've got my Home Christmas Dinner tomorrow.
(In our city it's normal to have Christmas Dinner
with your student house once a year.)
Since you're supposed to bring a date,
and there aren't many girls here,
most student houses plan their Christmas Dinner
not during December.
You see, everyone is too busy doing other stuff around that time.

I still don't have a date.
All my homies (but one) have boyfriends,
so now, they're all laughing at me (friendly, ofcourse).

There are sooo many guys around here,
I don't know who to pick.
I know it's a kinda luxury problem,
But it really stresses me out!

So now, tonight, I'm gonna party my butt off.
And find the perfect date.

any date will do.


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